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  • Do you have a bricks and motar store?
    No, Artsavon is an online shop. You may pick up your order at the headquarter in Kayl. I sell at local markets though. Follow me on Facebook to see where I will be next. (Link) But, you can buy a selection of my products at different shops: Atelier Verraille (51 Avenue de la Gare, 4130 Esch-sur-Alzette) Gréng Box (8 Place des Tilleuls, 9575 Wiltz) GreenFox (Knaphoscheid) Buttek Mosaïk (11, Kiirchestrooss, 5741Filsdorf)
  • Can I place custom orders?
    Unfortunately as of 2019, I will no longer be able to make custom orders, meaning other soaps than those already available in the online store. But it is possible to have these soaps made in another form. They must be ordered at least 2 months before delivery. Please contact us via mail or the contact form, if you need larger quantities of a product.
  • Are your products natural?
    Yes, they are nearly entirely. I know, they look so creative and cheerful, so there must be a catch. But no, my soaps are as good to the body and the environment as they are to the eyes. Besides a few seasonal soaps where I use safe fragrance oils, all of my soaps are scented with real essential oils. Soap itself is made out of natural ingredients, which make it a totally biodegradable product. The colours I choose, namely clays, oxides and micas are also nature based. Also, because of the fact, that solid soaps are anhydrous, meaning they contain no water, they don't require any preservative.
  • Do you make liquid soap?
    No, I believe in solid and zero waste products, hence making liquid soap or detergents obsolete. If you absolutly need some liquid soap, I'd suggest you follow this tutorial by Sila (Link) Otherwise, if buying a product from a store, please make sure that it says "soap" on the label, otherwise you're buying a detergent bases product (mostly SLS)
  • Do you do soap or cosmetic workshops?
    As of April 2019, I don't anymore, because I would like to spent more quality time with my family.
  • Shipping rates and payment options
    Paymement is due upfront via Paypal for delivered items. Digicash (621304578) is also possible. Local pickup at our headquarter in Kayl is possible (Monday - Friday, between 18h00 and 20h00), please choose the pick-up option at the checkout in the online shop. After your order is placed, you will recieve an email to fix an estimated time for the pick-up Max 2000g package: Luxembourg: 3,20 € (up to 8 soaps) Luxembourg: 4,80 € (for larger orders that don't fit into the standard letterbox) Other European countries: 5,25 € (up to 8 soaps) Other European countries: 10,50 € (for larger orders that don't fit into the standard letterbox) Items will be shipped in 2-5 business days after payment is received Delivery is within EU. Please contact us for shipping rates outside the EU.
  • Wholesale requests (vente en gros / revendeurs)
    A selection of our products is available for wholesale clients, meaning other business owners that wish to resell our products in their shops. Wholeselling is the perfect way to be able to offer your clients natural products without having to manufacture them yourself nor having to deal with the legal obligations, the declarations of the products to the authorities and the upkeep of the product information files. Please contact us via the contact form so I can send you the line sheet featuring our available products, conditions and prices.
  • Are your products tested on animals?
    No, they are not. (Animal testing is banned in Europe) Most of our products are even suitable for vegans.
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